When playing back a recording of a musical work, we violate the rights of the author of the text, the author, artist, and the rights of the producer, who gave the media.

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When playing back a recording of a musical work, we violate the rights of the author of the text, the author, artist, and the rights of the producer, who gave the media.

The purchasing power of their pensions is slowly growing. However, among the politicians felt that indexation of pensions may be as symbolic as the increase in prices, raises impulse to act. Probably many a head of government thinks if you do not change the indexation, the voters will change us. However, it is worth to every change in the system was carefully thought out. Grzegorz Osiecki, publicist department Official Source: DGP The more that slowly move to the new pension system.

How much you put, you get so much – so it looks roughly the principle on which it is based. The non-modified indexation of the dramatic economic situation or a sudden deterioration of the situation of pensioners may change. This does not exclude the lowest increase in benefits. But the concern is that if you change the rules governing the payment of pensions will enter the blood, back door changes to the pension system. As a result, less it will depend on how much we leave, and more of the number of votes needed to change the indexation rules also przeprowadzić.zobacz: indexation of pensions in 2015: most of the poorest gain » The word of introduction, let us recall what are the collective management of copyright.

Their activity is determined primarily by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, where it is indicated that such organizations are “associations of authors, performers, producers and broadcasting organizations.” Apply to them the provisions of the Act of 1989. Law on associations. Passing by these organizations is subject to a permit from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, who also exercises supervision over them and may withdraw the authorization to operate. The functioning of collective management organizations is essential where the ends allowed for personal use (private use of works and share them in a circle of friends and family), and allowed for public use (eg. The right to quote, use of the work by educational establishments for educational purposes). The activities of these organizations does not apply to songs in the public domain (the songs to which copyrights have expired and which have never been covered by the protection of assets and legal) and works under Creative Commons licenses. The music for commercial use, which is not covered by the requirement to obtain a license (fees) of collective management organizations can also be purchased.

We can use the digital distribution of music by searching for a category of so-called. royalty free, meaning the type of licensing limited to a one-time fee for use of the work, without incurring fees tantiemowych later. Apart from these cases, the use of works subject to licensing by the user will be able to lawfully use the work and its creator will receive the rightful wynagrodzenie.zobacz also Art. 11 and Art. 13 of the Directive on copyright. Is there nothing to be afraid of? »Double remuneration for copyright infringement unconstitutional? “I own a coffee shop and would like to let her music. How can I do this in accordance with the law?

First, check whether specific artists represents the collective management organization and whether these songs are protected. To do this, you can use the information available on the websites of individual organizations. For example, on the website of the ZAIKS is a catalog of songs, which you can find domestic and foreign songs that are in the database tracks ZAiKS. Sharing data is not, however, determine the status of the creator of the work, about the extent to which and by whom the song is protected, or whether and to what extent this organization manages the rights to the song search. So to be sure as to whether ZAIKS represents the specific authors and protects the rights of the songs we’re looking for, please contact directly with that organization.

The situation is similar in other collective management organizations. It is worth noting that the public performance of music requires the payment of a fee is not one collective management organization, but a few, because each of them represents other artists. So paying the charge should be borne in mind that, for example ZAiKS protects the rights of authors (eg. Composers), STOART SAWP and the rights of performers and producers of phonograms ZPAV law. Therefore, since the music CD is also the work of an author, composer and producer, is reproducing music in the pub, disco or coffee shop you have to remember about the payment of appropriate compensation to all those organizations that protect copyright mentioned persons.

In order to improve the management of copyright collective management organizations work together and inform users about the necessary fees in other stowarzyszeniach.zobacz also: Distribution of royalties faster and clear – today, comes into force a new law Copyright »Copyright lags behind the video games market» I would like to use background music during the performance of children in a circle in the home theater culture. Who should pay for what? Using background music during a performance of the children in a circle in the home theater culture should also expect to pay fees to collective management organizations protecting the rights of creators. Commitments to artists and, consequently, its organization to protect their rights will depend on the type of used tracks. When playing back a recording of a musical work, we violate the rights of the author of the text, the author, artist, and the rights of the producer, who gave the media. If we use only the background music can violate the rights of the author and the performer and the rights of the manufacturer. This means that in such a situation, it is necessary to obtain a license from the aforementioned organizations. authors, artists and the producer and the payment of royalties.

At a meeting in the bookstore promotional invited guest playing the violin piece of music. Is also in this situation should seek the consent of the collective management of copyright? If the song is not in the public domain and has not been made available by the author under the Creative Commos, and the contractor is not identical with the author, his public performance of the promotional meeting in commercial premises, eg. in a bookstore requires the payment of a fee appropriate collective management organization representing the rights of the creator-composer. It is worth noting that even if the contractor performs his song personally written, and entrusted the management of his rights to a collecting society, it is necessary to pay the fee of the organization. In such a situation, the organization is entitled to charge fees related to the performance / song playback affiliated to the creator. Or if the fee shall pay royalties whether it exhausted its obligations relating to copyright? Tantiemowych Payment of fees does not cover obligations of copyright law.

It must be remembered that the use of the song may not violate the moral rights of the creator. Moral rights include in particular the right of authors to the authorship of the song, marking the track’s name or pseudonym, or to make it available anonymously integrity of the content and form of the work and properly used. Tantiemowych payment of fees does not imply that it is possible to use the song, which would lead to the violation of the above. personal rights of the creator. These fees are the only form of remuneration creator (author, artist), but does not affect the link between the author of the song and do not give you the right track exploitative to violate that bond. Carolina Mackiewcz-Ball Mamczarek Migdalska and Counselors at Law The initiative carried out in Skawina is associated with a government project called “Integrated support policies and programs to reduce low emission” (ZONE).

Information collected within it relate to a heat source, the technical condition of buildings and expandability heating network and gas. The effect of the program is to create a system that officials commonly call “smog map” or “smogowym CEPiK-iem” .Zalety ZONEW run on pilot Peter janitor, Agent to the Prime Minister. The “Clean Air”, argued that a nationwide database will give you a Polish knowledge about how old is the furnace, which is the rate of exchange and which are related to social needs. – This will allow you to better plan spending public funds – also tłumaczył.zobacz: Additional 4.5 billion zł for district heating also for companies »Sergei Peter of Polish Alarm Smogowego believes that inventory is one of the conditions for terminating the problems of polluted air. Thanks to local governments will know how much they have harmful stoves in their area and what is the financial situation of the residents who have to replace them less harmful. – Remember that this is only a tool with which the problem is accurately diagnosed, but not resolved. The most important is to accelerate the exchange of polluting boilers – emphasizes ekspert.Z sometimes ZONE project to be implemented in the following municipalities struggling with poor quality powietrzem.Tajemniczy formularzPodczas pilot Skawina residents from 15 February to 15 March fill special forms.

What they contain, we can only guess, because despite requests for access to document model we have not received information about its contents. We were able to establish, however, that to yesterday morning received 125 surveys. Frequency to success still far away (it is estimated that the municipality is 5.5 thousand. Kopciuchów), but it is quite a good result as a pilot for four days. Perhaps this is due to the fact that residents can provide forms until three ways. See also: OCCP: Almost half masks antysmogowych did not pass the tests. Does not protect “The first is to fill out the electronic form. – Previously, however, you need a special token, or code that residents will receive either order with tax or ordinary mail – tells us a clerk in the department of air protection help me with english homework of the municipal office in Skawina.

The second way is personal submission form or send it by mail to the office of the municipality, and the third option is to send a photo or scan to e-mail the municipality. To fill forms to encourage small gifts, eg. The ability to receive discount codes to several local cafes or pool. Number of days in 2017. Exceedances of the daily concentrations of smog Source: DGP wątpliwościMieszkańcy limitations and have no legal obligation to fill out a form.

There is also no guarantee that the information that you enter in the document are true. – we assume good will of the inhabitants. Besides conducting regular checks with the participation of municipal guards who check the class of boilers – explains to us the municipal office employee Skawina.Na margin is worth recalling that the government is in talks with a population of approx. 3.2 thousand. environment of chimney sweeps. He wants They also checked the validity of the data contained in smog ZONE.Lokalni activists are wary of the government’s initiative and municipalities. – A year ago, the municipal police conducted 600 inspection and indexing of any boiler. Checked only what is burned. Only since the heating season guardians pay attention to the class of boilers, pasting information that outdated furnace must be replaced before 1 January 2023. When, according to the resolution antysmogową for Malopolska use classless kopciuchów will be subject to a fine of up to 5 thousand. zł – suggests Lukasz Kurlit with Skawina Alarm Smogowego (SAS) .Zaznacza that SAS still encourages residents to questionnaires. – We want to help hit people who are not able to replace the boiler without financial support – podkreśla.Inne inicjatywyW March from Silesia governments will receive additional money to fight the low emissions under the EU Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment.

To support energy efficiency in residential buildings will go over 120 million zł. Until now, the means of this measure may reach only cooperatives and housing cooperatives, now the beneficiary list is to be extended to local government units. Still continues to establish criteria under which governments will be able to apply, but recruitment will begin already in marcu.Rząd also intends to amend the law to protect the environment (project entered into the list of legislative and work program of the Council of Ministers). Will be added to the management of the region makes provision for monitoring the activities implemented at municipal level under the program of air protection and short-term action program. The money collected under the first pillar is not subject to inheritance.

But already collected premiums in the Open Pension Fund (OFE), and located on the sub-account in the Social Insurance shall be distributed in the event of the death of a person, because they are considered part of its assets. Therefore, they are inherited by the heirs and the persons designated by a member of OFE. He may designate additional heirs at the stage to join the Fund or in collecting savings in it – also has the right to make changes or even depart from earlier decisions. As beneficiaries may indicate any individuals, it may not be rodzina.W first means from OPF (or Social Insurance Institution) inherits the spouse of the deceased. So if there was between the spouses statutory community asset, inheriting spouse is entitled to half of the funds accumulated in the pension funds during the marriage. You receive money authorized by transfer payment to your account in the open pension funds, and if you do not have such an account, the Fund should he open it there and pay the accumulated funds – if the measures were subaccount to ZUS, get on the sub-account to inherit your spouse.

In both cases, the money is credited to the contributions this person. Moreover, the funds accumulated in the pension funds or ZUS by the deceased person can apply for the spouses were, as long as until the divorce, separation or marital property agreement exclusionary community marriage between a member of the pension funds and the partner community asset statutory force. Second half measures, which does not go to the spouses of the deceased is paid to persons designated by the beneficiary member funds. Died selecting the persons entitled to inherit indicates the percentages of each of these people – they will receive payment in the form of direct (postal or bank transfer). Conversely, if the beneficiary is a spouse, it may (but need not) provide the funds to your account or subkonto.zobacz also: Who can inherit the premium pension funds? »How to look after the changes in the pension funds contributions inheritance? »ZUS retirement pay family lost» Social Insurance will pay the widow the money from pension funds »ZUS blocks of inheritance» If salaried not been identified, it must be carried out inheritance proceedings, which applies only to the part of the funds that have not been paid współmałżonkowi.Wreszcie both legal heirs as and other persons designated by a member of OFE inherit funds from the Fund (and Social Security) only when the OPF member dies before granting him a pension.

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